Thursday, March 31, 2005

crushing the youth

A recent article in the village voice reports:,saltz,62462,13.html

"The problem is that P.S.1 and MOMA along with the whole art world want the wildness of youth but then immediately try to tame it. As a result they often end up killing it. This is the art world eating its young."

That's funny, Detroit doesn't even have enough galleries to show emerging artists to allow them to be tamed. Oh, darn.

top 5 galleries

Top 5 Detroit (suburbs included) Galleries:

1. District Arts

2. Susanne Hilberry

3. Revolution


5. Detroit Artist Market

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

up and running...

My Grandma always exclaims, "Smart people try new things". Although, she says this over brunch as she is refusing a half eaten omelet from my Grandpa, I believe she is on to something!

So I decided to enter the computer age finally. With a little help from a friend who's interests include surfing, I hope that this will become a useful resource.

For now I have no idea where this will go but hopefully I can vent some about the Detroit art scene and provide some helpful hints to those interested in current art events.

Stay tuned!