Tuesday, September 04, 2007

summer's over

It might technically still be summer but as far as I am concerned the dreaded day after labor day means that you should be storing away your white hot pants and summer memories while taking one last look at the precious sunshine! I definitely took advantage of the long weekend and swam in both lake michigan and huron! It's a wonder I didn't sink to the bottom with all the food I ate too! Now it is back to work....whaaaa waaa...! Here are some before and after artworks - or at least my own time lapse of the winter to come. The show opens in ny at zach feuer. JULES DE BALINCOURT
Untitled (Lake), 2007 oil on panel 44" x 33 1/2"

Untitled (Open for the Season), 2007 oil on panel 32" x 23"


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