Sunday, September 23, 2007

intersection: work/detroit

The new launch of U of M's extension gallery, Work: Detroit, just opening Friday in downtown detroit. The inaugural show focuses on the "corner" itself: the history, narrative and personal stories of the intersection - thus the show's theme. The new space is directed by detroit's supportive critic, artist and art enthusiast, runner of, Nick Sousanis.
So that's the facts.
Pro: Great to have a new art gallery!
Con: Why does detroit focus on the past so much?
Pro: U of M gallery in ann arbor has a mix of challenging shows: so should detroit.
Con: Too much information. Felt like I would rather take a pamphlet home with me or listen on podcast.
Pro: It was an all local show (detroit and ann arbor).
Con: It was an all local show.
Pro: Well curated in the fact there wasn't one ruling artist clique (it happens a lot here).
Con: Too many artists.
Pro: Bringing another institution the woodward strip of galleries.
Con: Concept and idea was stronger than visuals.
Pro: Much potential to come.

jacque liu

anne fracassa

miroslav cukovik

marilyn zimmerwoman

jack johnson

lowell boileau

gary schwartz (video above/sculpture and installation below)

scott hocking


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Detroit focuses on the past??? Like there aren't many many shows going on in NYC or other major cities all of the time all over the world that feature art from the past -

10:32 AM  
Blogger JSM said...

I think Ann was commenting on the fact that Detroit focuses too much on it's own past as subject matter. thereby making it the ostrich which sticks it's head up his very own ass instead of the sands of art history. Detroit is a city which would benefit by looking towards the future as well. the anachronistic archaeology is getting old, redundant, pathetic and conventional...

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not featuring art from the past but the same old cars and rust notions. I could go for seeing some past artists who've done their thing in Detroit.

Wasn't here though. Maybe next show.

Excitning possibilities.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not all of the work in this show was the "same old cars and rust notions" that often typifies 'detroit art'. there were some very clever pieces, particularly scott hocking's imaginary-map of detroit that is installed in the ceiling tile grid, making use of a 'security camera' as part of its landscape.

some of the work dealt with intersections in a more straight-forward, literal sense. while these are technically/visually appealing, they're not terribly thought provoking.
sure is a great looking gallery. i'm looking forward to seeing future shows.

12:11 PM  

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