Friday, September 07, 2007

back to work

Train Me to do What I Want to

I hope everyone did some plastic wine cup arm lifts last night to prepare for the weekend of openings. ok, not so funny but what do you expect, I am out of practice. napping and swimming became a favorite weekend past time over the summer. oh, yeah and that gallery thing I did.
get your party pants on tonight and tomorrow. this is just a little warm up for the real deal next weekend. I think this is my plan of attack. feel free to join in. if you finish I hear there are prizes.
Pittman Puckett Art Gallery,Community Arts Gallery, Neal Davis Gallery, CCS: Center Galleries, Studio 601,Johanson Charles Gallery


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back to work... Great post and thanks for writing!

5:46 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Howdy Ann and welcome back! Thanks for the list of shows…but you overlooked "Head of the Class" the 2007 Wayne State Faculty Exhibition at the Community Art Gallery in the Community Arts building on Wayne's campus. The opening was Friday but the show is up until October 12th. It's worth the trip!


12:13 PM  

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