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detnews and the art community

I have been receiving many emails concerning the recent Detroit News article (previous post). The tone of most comments is upset and outraged that an article could come out so negative and without any solutions or mention of the positive things happenings here. I am torn because I feel, knowing a bit more than most about the writer, that she didn't know anything about the art scene and decided to take it upon herself to find out about it. I highly doubt she had an agenda or was out to "get the scene" by putting it down. From what I understand, this was just the common theme she found in talking to many artists, gallerists, and collectors. Come on, this is the usual whispers between artists here most of the time. Someone not completely immersed in the detroit art scene made a good point to me yesterday, "newspapers don't owe anyone anything, people choose to buy them." If anything get mad at the papers for not including any arts coverage on a regualar basis!

Like I said, I am torn because even in my interviews I offered many examples of the things that are going on the Yacht Club, Caid moving into the Russel, MOCAD... I did make a comment (previous) and posted one of my last words with the writer about the positives of detroit and also made mention that anyone interested can take over the Hamtramck space which is ready to go for another gallery or studio in October. If anyone has any interest in renting the space (very affordable) contact me. I believe that the writer will try to do a follow up article, but remember it is not always up to the writer....but up to the paper. If you are upset, then contact the entertainment editor at the news.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a grand learning experience for all. But honestly, let’s face facts. What would anyone think if a reporter for the Detroit Dailies called for an interview? I’m sure after a few minutes of happiness one would remember that this is a town that drinks in front page dribble about organized sporting events written by “reporters” who don’t even attend said events and that places video game reviews in the “Arts” section. How serious could they have been?
Detroit wants you to leave and turn off the lights; facts are that the Michigan train station (the largest abandoned building in America) makes more money for the city of Detroit as a back drop for Hollywood blockbuster movies than it ever would or did as a train station.
I’ve heard several people point to a few “Detroit Artists” and their artist accomplishments. Again, the facts are that most of their sterling successes are a cacophony of collected abandoned treasures found south of 8-mile, Tire pyramids, broken windows, rusted car parts, broken doors, and the stolen belongings of families long since gone from the shadows of the Ren-Cen.
What really excites me are artists from Metro-Detroit who look beyond their own fenced back yards; Artists that wear their Metro-Detroit heritage proudly as they make news in far away towns and cities. Even the successful artists that live here but never show here because they don’t need to or are not welcomed by the local “art scene”. Anyone can talk trash in their home town. Try talking big in someone elses back yard, lets see if you can cut your teeth on another town’s menu.
I love artists that champion the “Detroit” cause, but let us be frankly honest, it has been a dying fight since 1967. Let’s remember what Detroit was, not what if could be IF…
Detroit is the aged uncle with Alzheimer’s. We all want to remember the “good times” while shelving the truth. The good days are over and the endless nights of adult diaper changing and tube feedings are just beginning. Treasure what little we have, but don’t glorify it. It is not and will never ever be anything other that a small pimple on the grand ass of what is really going on out there beyond the overgrown empty lots and burnt buildings.
Ann, don’t apologize for anything, what you do is more than enough. Prosper and grow, but remember where you came from.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, that train station looked stunning in Transformers... :-P

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Blogger Sheree Rensel said...

I read the article this morning. I thought it was interesting, but I had to hold back a snicker. Nobody should be upset at all. History repeats itself and this kind of article runs every so often. Don't be alarmed. Case in point: Look at this .jpg of an article that ran in 1991 in the Detroit Free Press. The piece titled "Going, Going, Gone" predicts doom. Yet, I see Detroit artists still standing tall all these years later. Also, please note the ALERT box in the right bottom corner. It says "Arts in Crisis"! Whatever. Check it out!

Sheree Rensel

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheree, you havent changed a bit! Thanks for the article....I never saw this when it came out

8:15 PM  
Blogger Sheree Rensel said...

Gilda that is why you have been my best friend all these years! YOU LIE TO ME!!! I have changed a lot since then. My fact is a road map of wrinkles, but I am SO MUCH wiser now! Gosh, I sure hope I have gotten smarter in the past sixteen years!! However, I appreciate your kindness. You are a nice friend! Tee HEE!!!!

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Blogger Sheree Rensel said...

I meant my FACE is a road map. Maybe in the next sixteen years, I will learn to TYPE!! Duh!

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