Monday, July 30, 2007

The Garbage Can Project

It's another slow week for art. This is the time of the year when there are few openings and most galleries shut down - and this is when art blogging becomes more challenging with the lack of stories/openings/excitement out there. Bare with me for the next few weeks as I try and dig up art news that is worth checking out!
Chicago artist, jonathan gitelson might have an obsession with trash cans. He has a nice site. "The idea for the Garbage Can Project came from the frequent theft of the city-issued garbage carts that are in front of my apartment building. Each time the carts were stolen, I would call the City of Chicago and they would eventually bring more carts to replace them. After months of observing this cycle, I became interested in the phenomenon of the garbage cart thefts...
In October 2006, I began filming the garbage carts twenty-four hours a day. Each day I view the footage from the previous day, creating digital video clips of any instances of people interacting with the carts..." jonathan gitelson


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I highly recommend 'the acrobatic rat'. :-)

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