Tuesday, June 05, 2007

saltz on underdog

I've gotta say, I keep seeing press on this show at gagosian and I really wish I could see it in person. In just looking at the pics from the show it looks like one of the best curated big group shows I have seen in a while. There is something about it that reminds me of what the STUFF show at mocad should have been or even a cleaner version of RRR. I also enjoy that a former detroiter artist installed the show - which gets props from jerry about the placement.
"...The show has some good work but a lot of great energy; art is hung cheek-by-jowl, which creates a series of crackling chain reactions where you see connections between artists, even if a few of those connections are between lesser artists...
In some ways, "Underdog" is simply what frustration and ambition look like now. The fact that the exhibition is so willing, so absolutely intent, on exposing and investigating this frustration is a sign that this is important content, and that attention should be paid to it. It’s really interesting to see these artists acting out this drama at Gagosian, despite the contradictory pitfalls involved. In addition, the show is so up-front about its in-groupness and back-scratching that you begin to understand that these conditions are effective ways to draw polemical lines in the curatorial sand, to circle the wagons against dubious tendencies, and strut somewhat. More artists should curate more shows of themselves and their friends and associates. Vampire dens are interesting places. "Underdog" rests everything on its overall energy; it sacrifices any one object, every object really, so that all the work on view might congeal into one weird mass..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"More artists should curate more shows of themselves and their friends and associates"

thats just what I did at Zeitgeist with Personal Abstraction just now...I love the having the opportunity to show work with friends and have a party too

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I’ve noticed RRR in several posted this week. What confuses me is that you’re comparing it to established venues/shows, etc. RRR is a mere footnote, if that. Definitely not the stuff of comparison. It was a summer experiment by students who had just graduated with BFAs in May and had nothing to do until their MFA programs started in Sept. They put up, what, 3 shows? And in total maybe 30 people attended? That website hasn’t been updated in a year.

Don’t get me wrong, it was an interesting idea. I’m not knocking what they did (out of the goodness of their hearts, on a shoestring budget). I was intrigued. I drove all the way out there on one of my trips back to MI to check it out and I liked what I saw. But I don’t see why it’s being held up as some kind of standard. Or legend, almost. Maybe if it was something that had been continued, or invested in. Or had had a greater impact when it was up. I’m not saying it was a failure, I just think it’s apples & oranges. I find it hard to believe that this haphazard experiment from a year ago was a pinnacle moment for the area. The area's not THAT devoid...??

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What else has Nolan been doing in New York? We all have such high expectations (or at least I do).

Any other news Nolan?

Did everyone know that he installed this show?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

His email is nolansimon@gmail.com
Find out and let us know.

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