Tuesday, May 08, 2007

cranbrook auction

Cranbrook's live auction was something between a funny stand-up act where the students (seriously) walked the works around the room while the auctioneer pelted the crowd with jokes and lighthearted information. At one point I think the auctioneer sold the artist with the piece! It definitely was the opposite of a formal auction where you might be scared to scratch your nose! The laughing crowd and patrons had a blast...and the best part was that really great art could be bought by anyone attending...and let me tell you the prices were a steal!

The other part of the day hosted a silent auction where artworks were displayed in Forum Gallery: works were labeled and on those forms you made your bids. I think that this part of the show had a lot of wonderful works...even works by the artists in the graduating class. For anyone looking for artwork or to support a few artists this is the way to go...save the date for next year! I even encountered a small bidding war at the end on a great print. I find that if you mention "I have all day" that it is a good intimidater! Well, it worked and I got myself a print!

peter beaugard - man...this is another piece I wanted to hang over my bed!

kurosaki/pelletier - (ahhh...the bidding paid off!)

This piece was really amazing and a great somewhat functional piece of furniture. I didn't catch the name though :(
It worked by pulling the top part that looks like a chair back. Very cool and it was very affordable for custom furniture....if only I had more room!

Madeline Stillwell

tracy thomason

brian stuparyk - I really wanted this print...he had these in the graduate show. The post it note read: "Sorry your submissions did not fit in your return envelope" .....I love that is speaks of all the little technicalities in life...and something that artists are oh so familiar with!

jaya miller

irena jurek

britt tate

katie hinton (might have last name misspelled)

toura rogers

eric bitner

(disclaimer: the artist cards were hand written an often hard to dicier so forgive me if my spelling is off)


Anonymous Anonymous said...



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Blogger art blogs are fun said...

I am not sure if it sold...I think the bidding started around $600 but I could be wrong...
I bet you could contact Forum Gallery/Cranbrook to find out who made the piece - they might have other works.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

tova rogers

11:20 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would shure like to hang my piece over your bed Ann

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the blue furniture piece is by Sara Huston... sahuston@gmail.com

she still has the piece in storage due to it not selling at the auction

3:23 PM  
Blogger sahuston said...

I am the artist that made the blue sideboard/drawers. If you are intersted i am willing to talk about the price. It is in storgage in Michigan. Just let me know!

like b.tate said my contact is


and my website

12:31 PM  

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