Monday, April 30, 2007


Ahhhh...finally a review that keeps me awake.

"Unless the phrases 'open bar' or "free food" are involved, I rarely venture above 14th Street. Sadly most of the trendiest galleries are now in Chelsea, a neighborhood that is not only above 14th Street, but also so far west that it’s almost in New Jersey. Plus there are no bathrooms in Chelsea. At least when galleries were in SoHo, you could use the facilities at nearby bars. These days, visiting galleries means not drinking any fluids beforehand, making the experience extremely stressful. And too often, the art proves unworthy of the hassle of traveling outside of my 'pee radius...'"

OK well, maybe it reads more like a descriptive art narrative about gallery viewing but nonetheless it is still honest, fun commentary and I feel that with all the art looking I do, sometimes a little humor about art and art looking is needed. Artnet is really doing a wonderful job when it comes to art criticism and mixing it up with contemporary to decorative art reviews and young and older critics - it is great that Artnet has stories like this and then balances them out with jerry saltz stories that start like this:

"Not for Sale," the 46-person mishmash at P.S. 1, is a thankfully rare case of "When Bad Ideas Create Passable Shows."


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