Sunday, April 29, 2007

cut @ paul kotula projects

Really great show to see at Kotula Projects...sorry to be brief but I will have lots of pics coming from artchicago, chicago galleries and also from the surprisingly wonderful sculpture installation shows at Russell (you can still make it down there today). Stay tuned and get ready to have art coming out your ears...I know it is oozing out of mine right now! I also have some interesting news coming but I will be elusive for now. Enjoy the sunshine today, later tonight artchicago begins!

scott klinker - spaceframe, non-woven P.E.T.

scott klinker - spaceframe, non-woven P.E.T.

abigail murray - (Home Series), porcelain

scott klinker - truss A-frame bench, laminated plywood

jill slosburg-ackerman - framing drawing (#3, 4, 5, 9), sumi ink, wood, paper

heather mcgill - untitled, cut paper

kathleen mcshane - graphite and ink on cut paper


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