Monday, April 30, 2007

Bridge Art Fair Chicago

You all know those misinformed ladies out there that apply way too much makeup, wear way too many accessories, show too much skin and over style their hair. Why do they look so cheap? This brings me to Bridge Art Fair. You see, I am sure some of the exhibitors have a really nice personality and who knows maybe I could even settle down with one of them but for now all I saw were over crowed booths that at times lacked a clear direction of what they represented. So come on ladies, let's try make better decisions and maybe you will get some more dates...I mean sales.
Sorry Ms. Bridge, maybe next time.

kuhl & leyton

guerra de la paz

macha suzuki

michiko itatani


PST "Out of the Ass of the Blood Lake...Demonic Legions...etc, etc"

jason robert bell


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone bashes Bridge. The truth is that most reviews are based on the name of the fair alone. So if these artists were exhibited at Art Basel everyone would love them.

I think someone needs to write about the gritty side of art fairs. The fact that Scope, Pulse, and others force galleries to pay thousands up front just to be considered. They hold that money for months regardless if the gallery is accepted or not. Most of them don't tell you that upfront either. They just want to nab as much interest as they can from hundreds of hopeful gallerists.

So really all you need to get accepted is a lot of cash. That is the honest truth.

5:07 PM  

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