Monday, March 19, 2007

rapai/mikolowski @ kotula projects

thomas rapai
I like the birds. I like the landscapes. Which is right. both. We all have preferences. Why do you do switch to landscapes? Why do you make silly bird paintings? I like birds. I like landscapes. Both are fine. Matter of preference.
Why defend both sides? Because I was standing in a room of landscapes and dared to say, "why did he switch to landscapes?". I felt stupid for saying that. Artists need to grow and that said I would hate to have someone say, "oh, I liked those detroit landscapes, why switch to crazy animal parts?"
Because artists need to grow: people need to grow. Maybe it is the night, but why play it safe? Artists are loved because of chances they take. Life is repetitive (if you make it that way) : why not take chances?

thomas rapai landscapes

mikolowski landscapes


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