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shrinking cities in freep


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You'll find much from Detroiters, including artifacts from Tyree Guyton's Heidelberg Project; Scott Hocking's photographs of so-called scrappers, people who scavenge in abandoned buildings, and his own scrap sculpture; a video of a local poetry slam; John Ganis' photographs of urban landscapes; Andrew Zago's photographs of the evolution of Detroit's abandoned bank buildings; paintings by Clinton Snider and Peter Williams; drawings by Mitch Cope of local "fortifications"; and videos by Kyong Park that contrast old life in Detroit with new life in the suburbs."

They don't name drop the poets: sad! You get filmakers, musicians, sculptors, photographers, etc. all by name in this article and then the lame "a video of a local poetry slam" with no reference to who's poetry, etc.

Anyone know which venue / who's featured, out of curiosity?

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Blogger Legacy Leonard said...

M, I am one of the poets featured on the Shrinking Cities documentary, Legacy Leonard. I am the lady reading in front of a mural featuring an old woman in a rocking chair done by the awesome artist Chaz Miller. The location where we shot my poem "Daughters of the Dust" is located a few blocks away from the Artist Village gallery on Lahser & Grand River in Detroit. The mural is painted on the sidewall of a corner store. Other poets that were featured were Khary Kimani Turner & Ella Singer, who I think was cut from the film because of a bad recording. For more information about the featured poets you may contact Aurora Harris @ Aurora coordinated the poets and scenery for Detroit.

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