Monday, February 26, 2007

morning coffee

I think this is a first for big opening coverage on monday morning! Uh I slipping...I guess I won't get paid today. I did forget about the Paramount Community Arts opening on friday but since I live around the corner I plan on stopping in when I get a chance. I would recommend that everyone check out ARTFAG's coverage on the NY art fairs - great light commentary and pics. It actually felt pretty nice to stay home and get some well needed painting hours in! I also ship out on Thursday for San Francisco, whoo-hoo! I plan on connecting with Jessica Silverman of Silverman Gallery so I will have some great info on the art scene there coming in a week or so.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anne - thorough coverage of the San Francisco scene and the Silverman gallery would be much appreciated as I may be moving there in 4 months. Have a good trip.

1:35 PM  

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