Thursday, February 22, 2007

dreams and art

This morning I awoke to a horrible dream that everyone in detroit was turning on me and attacking the blog and my artwork...there was even a panel hearing where a woman in glasses said that she had figured out my passwords and that I had to shut down and leave town! It was terrible because many artists I know were yelling at me and saying that I was of no service to the town. Oh, yeah and I think I was running away from inaccurate murder charges and something about having to carry a cockroach in my mouth....but aside from all that it was a decent sleep!
So check this Jerry Saltz opening line for a review:
"Andrea Fraser is a whore": That's how a fellow critic responded when I told him I was writing on Fraser's current show. As evidence he cited "Untitled," Fraser's one-hour silent video shown in 2004 in which she has what she called "just regular sex" with an art collector who reportedly paid $20,000, "not for sex," according to the artist, but "to make an artwork."

You will have to read on of course!
At first just looking at the picture I was not into it...but then this is one of those times that you have to read on! The idea is there...and I am intrigued with the video of her having sex with a collector - I think the idea is smart but I am not so sure about the actual act: a little unsafe. I start to think then about the idea of this current trend of anything and everything being called art if you put it in a gallery. I am not one to say it isn't art but should gallerists be a little more picky? In the 50's abstract art was the big new thing where people had to convince their "realist" friends and the un-art-educated public that it was though, anything goes b/c we have accepted EVERYTHING as art. I don't disagree but I wonder where we (artists) will go now that there are no boundaries at all. I know that my art mind has changed since even school and now I like things that are disgusting, morbid, humorous and almost a slap-in-the-face at the idea of art.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ny is tired and boring. but forreal this time. look in the nooks and crannies people.

nooks and crannies, i can't stress that enough.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Todd said...

Maybe the only thing that's tired and boring for real is 'snookered granny.'

Perhaps you should just spend your time looking in your own nooks and crannies....

6:19 PM  

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