Friday, February 23, 2007

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Artifice: Fear and Loathing in DC
- DC based art blog written by 20 plus students in the graduate program at American University.

BIDOUN - Arts and culture from the middle east


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agent orange plans on tearing down a house/bldg and rebuilding it. sounds a bit like the bit that simon starling did 2 years ago to win the tate prize. but also reminds me of that other guy further back who did that and more:

He also sautéed a Polaroid of a Christmas tree in grease. The copy he sent to Robert Smithson, golden brown on the outside, is here too, and none too appetizing, I might add. With his friend Juan Downey he proffered oxygen from a kind of makeshift hot dog stand with back-to-back wheelchairs. At Documenta, in Kassel, Germany, in 1977, he climbed up a smokestack. (Matthew Barney, who famously assaulted an elevator shaft there later, was just following in his footsteps.)

And most notably, often under cover of darkness, he pursued his version of tool-belt conceptualism. He chopped up abandoned buildings, making huge, baroque cuts in them with chain saws, slicing and dicing like a chef peeling an orange or devising radish flowers. (The food analogy wasn’t lost on him.) As at the Clocktower, he loved playing the daredevil, and, for all the heavy equipment and immense scale, he had a surprisingly delicate touch.

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Blogger Artifice said...

thanks for posting ARTifice. -David

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