Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This should be good...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went to this. i hadn't seen much of her work before. i enjoyed learning about the different groups of people and materials she employs in the creation of her work. the excitement she experiences in breaking taboos about color use came through in her voice. her work reflects a fast-paced, sensory-overload, digitally-obsessed world, one which she apparently misses, seeing as how she hates being in nature, as she reported.

at one point during the interview she was talking about teaching at cranbrook, she said the students "you know, they're wild". this wasn't what i thought of the students i'd met at cranbrook a couple months ago. i wondered if she was just being sensational for the collectors that were there. or perhaps she sees a different side of them. i wondered if being wild was a prerequisite for attending cranbrook, as i've been thinking about applying.
also i was talking to her afterward and she referred to the students as her "kids". i wondered, would she adopt me into the fold? am i too grown up for cranbrook? have i said too much? well it's easy when you're anonymous!~ LOL

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