Friday, October 13, 2006

tonight at cranbrook

The Grid Squid - I'm Magic Now. Art Opening at Cranbrook's Forum Gallery
Who: Jeffrey Mathews (2nd yr. Painting Dept.) Mark Sengbusch (1st yr. Painting Dept.)
Where: The Forum Gallery at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. (Adjacent to the Cranbrook Museum)
When: Friday, the 13th....TONIGHT 5-9pm
This Special Event will feature Monsters, Ghosts, Crystals, Wizards,Black Magic and Weird Noises. Lost Empires and multi-dimensional warriors will be reanimated for this wicked Friday the 13th Party. Sengbusch and Mathews have mastered thier orientation in space and harnessed the primordial shapes and base energies that flow through all mankind and beyond. As modern Cavemen they will let loose their imaginations and recreate a lost world where they long to return. Also a special live performance by "Orthodontics."


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Yawn-inducing smug, self-serving, calculating, irrelevant masturbatory horseshit - typical Cranbrook.

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