Sunday, October 22, 2006

mixed media...

You might be interested in magazine browsing this month because many of the magazines have special fall arts coverage. Black Book has a whole "arts" issue featuring contemporary artists in their studios, a collector bio on a photographer, lost warhol tapes...and much more. W magazine also has an art extravaganza issue with art articles on painter lisa yuskavage, 5 up-and-comers you should know, donald judd's children, michael govan - lacma's new director, the man behind ny's pace wildenstein gallery and also an interesting photo series by richard prince but you have to pick up a copy to see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought we decided that photography was not art.

12:20 AM  
Blogger art blogs are fun said... but if you looked that is a picture from the article "artists in their studios":
Dan Colen was a standout at the 2006 Whitney Biennial and is another one of the 40 American artists celebrated in Charles Saatchi's "USA Today" show, up now in London.

9:21 AM  

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