Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Has anyone seen any of these mocad stickers? humm...I would like to say I am pretty well informed with the art scene here but when it goes to mocad I think I am in the dark. This is what the site says about the stickers:

"We are distributing Art Arrow stickers with instructions to place them around our shared environment and identify a place, person or object of inspiration - where art begins. Please send a digital photo to artarrows@mocadetroit.org or text a picture to 313.600.1032 with a brief description of the location. The images will be included in an installation premiering at the museum grand opening October 26, 2006." (mocad)

Otherwise the website looks good...and all the info is up to read. You can even take a tour of the museum before the rennovation. Also it says that there are artist run tours on sunday after the opening....are any of you out there doing the tours? Just curious what artists are involved with team mocad?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Ann - John Corbin and I are planning a few Education Programs for the "Family" Sunday venue - which will include an examination of materials used to make some of the artworks in the 1st exhibition. A dialog with museum visitors and the artwork - will be conducted by ArtHeads (MOCAD docents). There will also be the opportunity for Drop-in workshops featuring drawing in the exhibition space. MOCAD will be collecting e-mail addresses in order to announce program information and much more...

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was given one of those stickers the other day by somebody but I guess I misunderstood the intent. I thought she was suggesting I submit my work and I explained that it was my understanding that MOCAD was not in the business of supporting local artists. Now it looks like they want people to deface the city with the arrows. Maybe it was explained on the back but I didn't waste my time with reading it. How about I just show up at their building with a can of Krylon and make my own arrow?

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are backpeddling to include detroit artists in some way... was this a plan all along or just a last minute response to the neg. publicity?

Seems like short notice.

3:30 PM  
Blogger elizabeth isakson said...

one arrow is pointing at my old apartment.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that's their gesture to the community it seems pretty weak. Not that I necessarily agree that they owe anything to local artists, but I think I'd rather do nothing than send them some grainy picture of their own stickers.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I put one pointing at my dick

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should get a bunch of stickers pointing to all the places people have exodus-ed to to make art, since there is no support for the scene in Detroit.

Send me a sticker and I'll take a picture of it on the Seattle Skyneedle. There's a huge community of CCS grads out here. We all go boating together.

2:11 PM  
Blogger art blogs are fun said...

really seattle? how is the art scene there?

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sucks. The boating is nice, though.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I take that back. The scene has some perks. I have sold books at astronomical prices ($1300+). There's a lot of money here and a lot of respect for art. There is art everywhere: the highways have murals cast in the concrete when they construct them, there are sculptures all over everything, through entire suburban towns (for example, in Everett there is a whole city of bronze people spread throughout the town, some on benches, a kid playing hide and seek, a lady walking her dog, all over). There are even scultpures at the shipping docks at the mall where no one will see them but the truck drivers! And bronze dance steps (like from the 50's) bronzed into the sidewalks in the U-district. So there is definitly a premium on aesthetic value.

However, the population is incredibly isolated from what I would consider the "real" world. The people are weird. The art scene is inclusive: there is no advertizing. Either you know where to find it, or you don't. Which makes being an outsider really feel like being an outsider. Seattle is supposedly an art mecca but got help you in finding the mec... I dislike it intensely.

BUT, there is a lot of money here, a lot of high-salary design jobs. I think that half the CCS Industrial Design graduating classes of the last three years is out here (hence the group boating, BBQs, etc). Plus, Seattle is the up and comping publishing center, taking over from NYC. I've had great opportunities since coming out here to work w/ Becker & Mayer (book designers for Simon&Schuster, Chronical, Borders, etc.) as well as Seattle Book Company. Right now I'm doing marketing/graphic design for a Microsoft partner so I eat well.

And there are some in the suburbs who are reacting against the Seattle Hub. They are trying to do underground galleries in the suburbs. I actually just got cornered by a young couple last night who convinced a non-denomonational church to donate part of their building to become an art gallery with no censorship restrictions. They (the kids) are trying to make it feel "urban". Seattle doesn't feel "urban". There is no graffiti in Seattle (trust me, I went looking), there is little litter... it's, like, toooo clean, like that Stepford Wives movie. And the mentality is more small town, less city. So these kids, they showed me photos of Detroit (not knowing I'd just come from there) and said "This is like what we want to do w/ the interior" (which they get to completely renovate).

They'd "love" to bring in some artists from "other urban areas" than Seattle. I had to smother my "Arts Management Batman Complex" and wish them well w/ their project. They're not really kids, they just seemed really young. Maybe it was all the enthusiasm. Or fawning.

But there I go off on a rant again.

Seriously, send me a sticker. I'll slap it on the skyneedle and send it to Mocad and ask them if they know anywhere in Detroit that could match the $60,000+ salary Seattle could afford to offer someone who'd just graduated college! It really is surreal here.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do you get the stickers - I haven't seen any around???

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, anyone who wants MOCAD arrow stickers - please post your name and mailing address and I will send arrows and a heartfelt invitation to the MOCAD opening weekend. Thank you...

7:05 PM  

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