Tuesday, September 19, 2006

mocad in Ambassador Magazine

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Oh, gotta love the rich and the famous!
Did anyone else catch this article in the new metro detroit mag Ambassador? Humm...from what I hear this mag is gaining publicity for its publisher Dennis Archer Jr. who paired  up with Denise Ilitch. In between the glossy pics of local shops, restaurants and posing upper class mug shots, this mag is essentially for local people with money who might vote Democratic. Some of the stories seem like they came together out of conversation at a cocktail party. I especially love the spread about "fashion" that consists of pictures taken at a pool party where guests talk about their fashion taste as they try ever so hard to sound like they just fell into their dolce & gabbana white linen suits. Funny thing is that I have been to the hosts' house and let's just say they aren't the most agreeable art connoisseurs. OK, getting back to the mocad spread - yes, it is great to see coverage but let's hope the mocad crew have set their sights on some other art publications.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like an interesting read. I'm looking forward to finding a copy in the trash.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ann, what did the article say? and are the photos of the new space? is there hope?

1:21 PM  
Blogger elizabeth isakson said...

i'll have to check it out...

i went to the ambassador/clear mag party at some lofts in the summer. i covertly flyered for my gallery (stuffed postcards in every loft), while comsuming about 30 dixie-cup sized cocktails. it was horrifying... models creep me out.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ann, what do you mean by they "aren't the most aggreable art connoisseurs"?

1:21 PM  
Blogger art blogs are fun said...

the article was a lot of fluff and I am not sure if that is the space or not although it seems to be leaning towards yes.
I can't really kiss and tell on this one....

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like to look at the pics in ambassador. The magazine always seems to know what's happening.

4:47 PM  

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