Monday, July 17, 2006

looking for a summer group show yet?

Words of wisdom from edward winkelman
If you have been following the comments in the prior post then this is up your alley. I have said this many times that it's the people you know that help you in the art scene. Networking isn't just for business moguls. Now is the time to try and get into a summer show...for next year! Group shows, if you pick the right galleries are a great way to get noticed. Things might be a little different here in detroit because many times group shows end up being poorly curated and lack any focus or editing. But why not aim for Those are the cities you want to target. I find that I find a blog that I like in that city, contact the blogger and ask about connections or advice for going about submitting in that city. Really, it works. Look, even Jerry Saltz agrees:
"The results are more a squall than a full-fledged cyclone, but this exquisite corpse of a show sheds light on undercurrents that usually go unacknowledged in the art world. Primarily, it answers the unspoken question, "How do I get in a show?" with "It's who you know." This isn't shocking as it's long known that artists are often the best scouts and that galleries are usually led to artists by other artists. This is as it should be."


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