Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What's new at CAID

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It is almost that time.  The leaves start to fall and the temperature drops along with our cheery summer spirit that is crushed by the long, gray winter.  On a brighter note, galleries will be up and running showing their best art in the fall.  One place to keep your eyes on is CAID.  They are having a two part biennial featuring almost every detroit artist.  The only parameters to the show is that the pieces are limited to  8 1/2 x 11 size.  Also, CAID is launching a part of their website that features images/bio/resumes of detroit artists.  A nice link to have if you are a detroit artist to direct people to view your work.  Keep up the good work Aaron!

2005 Actual Size Biennial, Vol. 1
Sept 10 - Oct 23, 2005
2005 Actual Size Biennial, Vol. 2
Nov 5 - Dec 18, 2005
A biennial exhibition featuring works in all media from over 100 Detroit based artists.  Curator, Aaron Timlin


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