Sunday, August 14, 2005

another cardboard artist

As posted on New Art, Chris Gilmore uses cardboard as his medium to create the perfect surprisingly non-functional sculptures.  One may think that it would be the same artist as the cardboard helicopter at Susanne Hilberry, but that is Shannon Goff.  I wonder how many other deceiving cardboard artists there are out there?

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These cardboard creations remind me when I had to use recycled, bio-degradable products to make something old, new again.  Although, this may be on a different level than my cardboard detergent box bird feeder from the 5th grade? 
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I think I may know a few scooter fans who would love this!
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Shannon Goff at Susanne Hilberry.  I will yell at you one last time urging you to go to the show if you haven't made it yet!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you make a Forest Gump cardboard replica?

9:20 PM  

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