Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Commonwealth Gallery: it's no secret now!

Detroit can be a wonderful city.  Despite the summer art lull, this weekend proves to be a weekend to stay in town.  Don't forget the opening friday at Susanne Hilberry, but also if you haven't heard, the Commonwealth Gallery "opening" is saturday.  The house transforms into a gallery almost overnight.  I have not been there yet but I have heard that the art is worth looking into. My sources seem trustworthy and I look forward to the exhibit.  I sometimes tend to be weary of such shows at houses but I believe that some great, fresh ideas will be on display. Hope to see everyone out and about this weekend!

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Sara Blakeman   Hallie Hoffman
Michael Caran       David Rocamora
Lauren Casteel

one evening only
saturday, june 30, 2005
7:00pm  10:00

5052 Commonwealth
Detroit, MI 48208


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