Sunday, April 17, 2005

Lemberg gallery

A new exhibition at Lemberg Gallery in Ferndale features "A Decade" of artist Suzanne Caporael's work.  The show includes examples of ten years' exploration of subjects including the periodic table, the elements of pigment, ice melts and tide waters and concludes with new work.

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Immediately after entering the gallery, the viewer is bombarded with warm, fuzzy colors of spring.  The palette leans toward avocado greens, oranges, and slate grey.  The decade of work circles the gallery and includes a range from sculpture, drawings, oil paintings, and watercolors.  The minimal work has a haziness about, where the pigment appears to float on the surface. 

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The colors and brushstrokes remind me of using the "spray paint tool" in photoshop.  The surface of this painting is plastic-like yet still on linen.  She is able to create foggy color fields that are like happy-color-explosions.  Her work explores scientific formulas in a playful visually pleasing nature.  Even if you didn't know that she was trying to de-code elements of nature you would still be pleased.
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The "books" are like puzzle pieces of her paintings.


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