Friday, April 15, 2005

Center Gallery show to check out

There is an interesting show to check out at Center Gallery at CCS.  The exhibit is called "Threefold" thus the 3 participating artists Matthew Hanna, Megan Parry, and Christian Tedeschi.  The show is up till April 30.
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A bit Stella-like.....I argued with another viewer about the non-tradional shape of the canvas.  Apparently there was no agreement, so a painting teacher at CCS stepped in.  I think that if an artist is using a "shaped canvas" the artist has to be aware that the shape is saying something. The shape cannot be an after thought.   But I guess artists can do anything they want so I think the arguement is at a truce?
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To me this looks like a wonderful lighted cake!!  Maybe it was just the food table that inspired me..hahah.....
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More box-like-found-object-relics that for me bordered on decorative.
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I had to take a picture of the food at the opening!  This was only the half of it!  I enjoyed this "work of art"! mmmmmm....


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